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Your baking essentials!

Stocking your high quality baking essentials, to ensure if baking is any labor at all, then it is a labor of love. 

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A wide variety
of rice

The most widespread staple food which can be used in limitless recipes. Pegasus’ houses a large variety of rice to choose from.

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Worldwide herbs & seasonings

Pegasus provides you with herbs & seasonings from around the world with a beautiful array of flavours, colours & aroma.

Get to know the range!

Take a look at our selection of products. 

Pegasus Himalayan Salt

Because some dishes deserve better, our range now includes 4 varieties of this precious essential.

Our tempting
first class flour

The backbone of so many dishes, Pegasus’ flour can be used to whip up breads, cakes, pastries and a world of delicious baked treats, as well as being a fantastic thickener for sauces and gravies!